Friday, 28 July 2017


TOR56. Released July 2017.

01. Nightwalking
02. Can't Put This Fire Out
03. Angel Face You Will Drive Us All To Hell
04. Saint Mary Kills Me
05. Split the Blues
06. What to Do Today
07. Open Water
08. Stone Pickers
09. Slow Moving Cartwheels
10. Last Rites, Maybe

Me and my dog, Billy (that's him on the CD artwork) looked forward to Fridays last winter. We would go round to Marc's and drink tea, eat biscuits and play music together. What started out as a bit of a jam has turned into this album.

We had a great time making it - despite occasional dog noises and technical problems with Marc's recording kit.

It was quite a spontaneous process and although the album took a few months, most of the recording happened quite quickly.

A highlight for me was playing Marc's Ultranova keyboard on 'Nightwalking' - there was a childlike joy in twiddling the knobs and feeling like you are playing the BBC Radiophonic workshop.

This is our first Mystery Spring album, but we hope there will be more.

- Catherine Reding

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Released June 2017. TOR55

01. Soother of Grief I
02. Short Term Memory Loss Replaced by Nostalgia that Never Existed
03. Soother of Grief II

Between late 2014 and early 2017, I archived any recordings I made; field recordings, demos,
experiments and so on. I put them to one side, unsure of what to do with them.

Occasionally I would review an experiment or refer to a demo. It occurred to me that most of these
recordings would go nowhere, so I decided to give them a home.

In February and March of this year I 'performed' collages of these tracks, the live mix being the

The end result is like an aural mind diary; ideas and sounds all together. It makes some kind of
sense to me.

- Stephen.

Friday, 7 April 2017


Released April 2017. TOR54.

02. Flux et Reflux (Excerpts from The Flood Tape)

The first release of 2017 is a posthumous one.

Last spring, Brocken Spectre released their only record and split. During the summer months, I went through hours of recordings of rehearsals, demos, jams and so on.

There were two reasons for this; the first was to collect together all the versions of a song called 'TERROR'.

Once we had moved into the space above Warwick Bazaar, we had microphones permanently set up, we could then roughly record all of our activities. 'TERROR' was played every rehearsal, sometimes it was three minutes in length, sometimes thirty. It had a loose arrangement and allowed us to explore what we could do. Recording it as a take alongside the other material never seemed an option; it relied on improvisation and a definitive recorded version didn't seem plausible.

The version on this cassette is compiled from various rehearsal takes, recorded December 2015 to January 2016.

The second reason for this archival release is to highlight an aspect of the band not represented on the self titled mini album.

During it's brief existence, Brocken Spectre played around 25-30 songs. Tracks by The Nightowl Sings, The Dead West, Hills! Werewolves! Run! and We Are the Wooden Houses were all tried out, but ultimately gave way to new band compositions. One song that stayed however was 'Angels of the Rain', from The Nightowl Sings album, "All Hail the Town to Town Troubadour".

We never recorded it as Brocken Spectre, it finished several early versions of our set and was always played as an additional song if we had time. It differed from the NOS version in that it had two moments of improvised noise which I have taken from the rehearsal recordings and added them to various moments of other noise, more improvisation, jams etc.

Running through this second cut up compilation is an extended jam from the legendary 'Flood Tape'.

Together, these two compiled tracks and the self titled debut represent Brocken Spectre. This cassette contains the strange, psychedelic and brutal noise element, played to no one and heard only by the band themselves.

Mixed by Alastair and myself in the Autumn and released a year since the band split.

Saturday, 23 July 2016


Released July 2016. TOR53.

Marc Gillen - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass & Field Recordings.

Stephen Benson - Acoustic, Electric & Slide Guitars, Bass, Piano, Sound Collage & Echo Machine.

David Thompson - Vocals on "Down Terrace".

Jill Wallace - Bass on "Driven to Dust" and Vocals on "Down Terrace".

Recorded at home and mixed by Alastair Popple at The Kitchen Sync June and July 2016.

Produced by Alastair Popple.

Photography by Marc Gillen. Artwork by Marc Gillen and Alastair Popple.

Made at home.


Saturday, 11 June 2016


TOR52. Released June 2016.

01. Stockholm Cancelled
02. Polish Girls
03. Colour Fucker
04. Skylite Walkers
05. Skye
06. Beyond Nostalgia
07. Walking Ghosts
08. (In) Dreams

Sometime in early 2015 myself and Ste got to thinking it would be fun to form a band where we could both play loud abrasive guitars together.  This meant recruiting a new drummer and bass player, so the word got out and eventually after some wrong turns we got the right people in the right place, enter Mike on drums and Jill on bass. Songs were plucked out from The Nightowl Sings and Dead West songbook to get the fire started, it was exhilarating to hear some of these songs take on new forms and sounds, endless possibilities coming back at you from the intensity of the shared passions of four people playing hard and loud in a small room. Of course, it wasn't long before new songs appeared and gradually they took precedent and a new songbook flowered.

As the year spluttered to a close, the rehearsals became more frequent and the playing and arrangements became more adventurous and the sound took on a coiled elasticity that took in punk, shoegaze and noisy indie rock. Our ears were bleeding and on a good night the songs would fly. At around the same time we moved to a new home, a loft space above a vintage bazaar shop, which was packed with art, furniture, clothes, pop art memorabilia, records and other curious artifacts. It really did feel like home and and it provided a wonderful setting for the band and new friendships to blossom. There was talk of us doing gigs out of town, but we never seemed to pin any details down, and the talk remained just that.

So we began recording as we always do, building on the first song we had put down at my house in October called 'Skylite Walkers' a wonky, skewed jem which never quite settles down in its bursts of feedback and punchy choruses. The recording process proved to be difficult, and even though we were well rehearsed the act of being tied down to the restrictive nature of recording proved deflating and frustrating for some.

Despite this, the songs continued to show their strengths and we persevered. Over several weeks the basic tracks and overdubs took shape and with some wonderful input from Al in post production, the songs eight of them, realised their full potential, forming a cohesive but varied mini album, packed with barbed melodies, energy and loft space noise. Ste as ever provided great artwork and photography for the release, and as i listen to the opening song 'Stockholm cancelled' call to arms i am reminded of the joy we shared, and how cold winter nights were warmed by the songs we created and the friendships we shared. - Marc.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


TOR51. Released June 2016

01. Standing Still/Departure and Arrival
02. Spine Fin/The Carcass
03. The Brown G/Out of the Woods
04. Slow/Burn
05. Death and Horses/Ashes and Passion

It's been almost nine months since the last TOR release; the last few months have seen new methods, new sounds and new collaborations.

The first of these collaborations to be released is '(unexpected)' by We Are the Wooden Houses & Lorén Clare.

The beginnings of this set began last August. The first of three improvised sessions provided the bulk of the material; after discussing performing and recording, Lorén and I decided to improvise some music and put it to tape. Autoharp, Bass, Percussion and various effects were used and a date was set for further sonic explorations. The next session saw the recording of a performed sound collage and the final session more autoharp and percussion recordings.

The week after these sessions had been concluded, the next project began. 

Not wanting to postpone inspiration, the sessions with Lorén were put to one side as further recording began.

Al revisited these tracks a few weeks after the initial sessions and began re-sculpting and re-composing.

In January, Al and I decided to have a final improvised session for additional sounds. This was performed with shamisen, violin and effects.

The hazy sounds of the evening weave in and out of new ambient soundscapes created by Al from sounds on the recording, distorted and effected beyond recognition. The sound veers between live improvisation and drones created from the ambiance with some tracks being wholly created from heavily treated samples.

It took Al a few months, on and off, to conclude the reconstruction of these recordings, ensuring this spook folk, ambient, found sound and avant garde project made sense; to ensure this trip had the right trajectory.

The artwork also demanded patience and experimentation to get right. I had initially met with Lorén for a photo shoot, and some of the images from that day are featured in the artwork. An extremely limited box set edition is also accompanied by a set of ten prints of photographs taken by myself and Al throughout 2015 and 2016. In this special edition, the tracks are spread over three 3" compact discs and are housed in a wooden box. The regular edition comes in a jewel case with two randomly picked images from the set of ten.

As always, there is a free download and limited physical copies for purchase over at Bandcamp.

Saturday, 19 September 2015


TOR 50. Released September 2015.

01. High Rise
02. Bliss
03. In Remains of Love
04. After the Flowers
05. Mutually Assured Disaffection
06. Half Way to Your Arms
07. Suicide #2 (Electric Boogaloo)
08. Inside/Outside
09. How Do You Get High

The new Nightowl Sings album is made up of tracks from very different sessions, although the finished record is cohesive in tone, feel and attitude.

The first track is the oldest here. In January, sessions started for a new Old Weird project. Only one track was completed and 'High Rise' starts the album as it goes on; different, lonely and melancholic experimentalism. It also marks the second time a Nightowl Sings album begins with a track featuring David Thompson.

'In Remains of Love' and 'Suicide #2 (Electric Boogaloo)' were originally intended for an E.P. of downer electronica. When that idea was shelved, 'In Remains of Love' was given a Krautrock work over by myself and Al, before the three of us hammered it into shape in post production. 'Suicide #2' began life as methed out spoken word Suicide homage. Marc and Al changed that when it was given new wave leanings and a surreal brown acid chorus. Both songs share the same sadness but willing to experiment vibe as the opener.

'After the Flowers' was recorded by it's author alone. Every NOS album has a three a.m. downer, and this is probably why it's the title track and the inspiration for the artwork, which was conceived and produced by Al and myself.

'Halfway to Your Arms' and 'Inside/Outside' shun the electronics and effects of the other tracks and stick to warm, creaky analogue tones. Americana never really went away, comfort in being sad. These songs would of appeared on a very different NOS concept/release, alongside such unrecorded gems as 'No Bravado'.

That leaves 'Mutually Assured Disaffection' and 'How Do You Get High', the two noisiest tracks here. The first is straight from the canyon, jangle solo, harmonica solo, lead guitar at the front of the mix. One of the joys of being a part time member of Marc's band is the ease of reference. Nailing together Sonic Youth, This Heat and The Fall isn't readily available to everyone, but that's exactly what 'How Do You Get High' is. Saturday afternoons, talking about records and then making one yourself. This track was also considered for a Hills! Werewolves! Run! project, a track for a mini album that remains unreleased.

'After the Flowers' is the 50th release on Treehouse Orchestra Recordings. Lots of things have changed. Some artists like The Otters, The Infernos and The Road Movies have came and went. We Are the Wooden Houses (the moniker of Al and me) has evolved and developed, and now I'm making exactly the kind of music I've always wanted to. The Dead West has became an isolated communal conversation of culture, announcing a new set of ideas every now and again. Cat of Tomorrow and Stone Tape Theory both remain an enigma, but I'm sure new documents will turn up, perhaps on some heath or underground station. The Nightowl Sings drives a straight road forward, acknowledging developments and disappointments on one side, absorbing ideas, art and joy on the other.

Mutually assured affection. - Stephen.